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Tip of the Week

Job Searching in a Recession

As we all know many of us are affected by todayís economy. If it hasnít touched you individually, Iím sure you know someone who has recently been laid off. Below are a few tips on how to find career success in todayís troubled economy.

Take a closer look at industry data

Research industries and job sectors that are experiencing worker shortages or still experiencing job growth. If your background has been in hospitality, try the energy or health care industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases updated figures every month on occupational job growth. Find the resume format that works best for a career change »

Freshen up your skills

Now is a great time to take advantage of some convenient online courses to learn new skills. Also work on your sales skills (negotiating, influencing) as you are out there selling yourself to potential employers.

Rev up your social networking

If you are currently part of LinkedIn and/or Facebook, update your profile and start networking. Recruiters these days tap into social networking websites to find potential passive and active job seekers. Find out who in your network might work for a company that you are interested in. Let your network know that you are job seeking.

Role play

Practice your interview skills by role playing. Make sure you are able to answer any questions that come your way. Confidence is key, so make sure you are prepared for any tricky questions. Read our interview preparation tips »

Be realistic about the time it may take you to find a new job. In this market, expect it to take at least three months to find a job that pays $40,000. Expect to spend more time for more money. Make sure you move forward with force to stay on top of your competition and donít use the economy as an excuse. Opportunities are out there you just need to dig a bit deeper.

Let the experts at Resort Recruiters help you with your next career move. To learn more about our services and individually tailored packages contact us at 1-866-546-7176.

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