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Human Resource Services

One of the benefits of using Resort Recruiters is our strength to recognize top talent. Our background and education in resort and personnel management also enable us to recognize and review the needs of small business human resource functions.

Our professional experience in all areas of HR management and resort management allows us to work well with the unique business environments within the resort industry. Create your own custom built package based on your needs.

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Your Business

Our original goal was to work with small and medium sized resort businesses that did not have their own HR departments to assist with recruiting. Our expertise still lies with these businesses yet we also have assisted large resort businesses develop new creative recruiting strategies to meet the unique challenges of our resort environment.

Hiring & Interviewing Guidelines

Use our HR professionals to help develop, implement and strengthen your referral programs, hiring techniques, retention surveys and international staffing options.

Fee Structure: $75.00/hour

Perfect for: training office managers, supervisors and other hiring managers on legal hiring techniques and effective hiring tips.

Performance Development/Training

Our HR professionals have been assisting businesses for years in assessing performance development of staff. We can help you design specific training programs to meet your goals.

Fee Structure: $85.00/hour

Perfect for: businesses that donít have the staff to create, develop and implement performance evaluation programs OR for those businesses that have been using the same performance evaluation tools for the last 2+ years.

Employee Relations

Have that an employee (or more) that you just canít get productive work out of? Talk to us about your concerns PRIOR to terminating them. Let us help you protect your business by following proper termination procedures or create a performance improvement plan that will offer written documentation of your efforts.

Fee Structure: $75.00/hour

Perfect for: office managers who are not 100% sure of current state and federal regulations.

Compensation & Benefits

New to benefits administration or in need of new health insurance quotes and enrollment procedures? Use our team of network professionals to help you choose the right benefits plan for your group.

We can help with enrollments, separations, benefit overviews and required notices, COBRA or state continuation, renewal, open enrollment.

Fee Structure: $75.00/hour

Our Team

Our recruiters live, work, and play in resort locations. We have all worked in a variety of resort industries and know how to source the best clients for your resort business.