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Human Resource Forms

Hire, manage and motivate your employees more effectively with this collection of useful human resource forms.

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Employment Application - Long

Use this longer Employment Application when hiring long-term employees, managers and executives. It provides room for applicants to list several former employers, scholastic honors and future studies, and three personal references. Download Here »

Employment Application - Short

This Short Employment Application will be sufficient for most of your company's hires. For longer-term and executive positions, use the Long Employment Application form. Download Here »

Independent Contractor's Agreement

If you have employees who are independent contractors, clarify and document that relationship with this agreement. Download Here »

Job Analysis

This form aids you in the employee selection process. Use it with the Job Description form to create recruitment materials, such as classified ads, to determine what attributes you're looking for. Download Here »

Job Description

Use this form to describe the duties of a certain job and how the job relates to other positions in the company. Use this form in conjuction with the Job Analysis form to create recruitment materials, such as classified ads. Download Here »

Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook outlines a company's employment-related policies. When you present it to employees, you should also have them sign an Acknowledgement of Receipt of Employee Handbook. Download Here »

Employee Handbook Receipt

Present this form to employees when you give them an employee handbook. Make sure they return this form to you signed and file it as proof that the employee has read the handbook and agreed to its terms. Download Here »

Offer of Employment and Employment Contract

Found the perfect job candidate? Hire them right by formally announcing the offer of employment and documenting the terms of the employee agreement. Download Here »

Work for Hire and Proprietary Agreement

This contract is used to maintain the confidentiality of proprietary information and to specify legal ownership of any original properties conceived by a contractor for your business. Download Here »


On-the-Job Training Chart

This form provides a four-step process for employee training. Consult it throughout the training process to understand each step, its purpose and what to do next. Download Here »


Daily Time Sheet

This form helps you keep track of each employee's hours on a daily basis. This form can be used in conjunction with the Monthly Employee Attendance Record. Download Here »

Group Payroll Record

This form allows the employer to view all employees' hours at one time. This form can be used in conjunction with the Quarterly Payroll Record form. Download Here »

Personnel Change Notice

Use this form to record changes in an employee's status--a new hire, a terminated employee or an employee who has changed position or salary. Download Here »

Quarterly Payroll Record

This form allows the employer to see an employees' hours from a quarterly viewpoint. This form can be used in conjunction with the Group Payroll form, the Daily Time Sheet, the Weekly Time Card and the Monthly Employee Attendence Record. Download Here »

Weekly Time Card

This form is used to keep a weekly record of an employee's time, specifically for payroll purposes. Use the form in conjuction with the Daily Time Sheet and Monthly Employee Attendence Record. Download Here »


Employee Self-Evaluation

Give this form to an employee before a performance review or at any time to evaluate an employee's understanding of their job, your organization, its structure and the employee's role in it. Download Here »

Monthly Employee Attendance Record

Use this form to record the attendance of an employee on a monthly basis. This form gives a detailed record of the reasons for the employee's absences. To record attendance on a daily basis, use the Daily Time Sheet. Download Here »

Performance Evaluation

When evaluating employees, it helps to have a form to guide you and to record the review. Choose the form that works best for your business and use it to provide a written review of an employee's quality of work and interaction with co-workers. Download Here »

Record of Disciplinary Action

Use this form to formally document a disciplinary action against an employee and establish the terms of the employee's probation. The form serves as a formal written warning so that the employee can't suggest they didn't receive warnings or discipline. Download Here »


Job Applicant Dismissal

Unfortunately, not every resume you receive will be a perfect match. That's why we're offering an Applicant Dismissal form letter, which you should send to job seekers who don't fit your needs. Download Here »